In New Zealand and Māori culture we embrace the concept of 'Kaitiakitanga,' which embodies the principles of guardianship and protection.

It is our duty to safeguard these resources for future generations, as they have been entrusted to our care. Water is not something we can own, but rather, it is our responsibility to protect.

As the guardians of 'Source' water, we are committed to taking only what can be replenished.

We have worked diligently with iwi and qualified environmental engineers and hydrologists to measure, test, and fully comprehend our aquifer.

This ensures that we are not depleting our precious and sacred source.

We take and offer to you only what we genuinely need and can spare, always in an environmentally and ethically responsible manner.


This sacred water is cleansing and detoxifying.

It is structured and possesses a naturally negative charge, making it an antioxidant with a verified exclusion zone.

This means it has molecular order and is nourishing for cells.


  • It can store and release more energy
  • It has a higher vibrational charge
  • It is negatively charged (negative ions are what you breathe in at the beach and what you absorb through your bare feet through the earth. They help you feel better)
  • It helps the cells of the body recover quicker
  • It detoxifies the body of toxic chemicals and harmful frequencies
  • It helps manage stress by increasing organ activity and enhancing resilience
  • It boosts energy by encouraging immune system functioning and longevity
  • Easier absorption by the body, which improves hydration
  • It supports the immune system by promoting optimal bioavailability of nutrients
National Library of Medicine : EZ water Review


  • Lattice like molecular order, normal water is molecularly chaotic
  • It will have a negative charge
  • It will have a negative orp
  • It is more viscous or plasma like (there is soft viscosity in the mouth)
  • It has the ability to absorb more light
  • It will have an exclusion zone (EZ). This is a negatively charged area of water that forms along a hydrophilic surface, pushing out or excluding all solutes. The area it pushes out is known as bulk water and is positively charged. When you have a negative and a positive charge, you essentially have a battery. This is the type of water found inside our cells and can be found in certain waters, particularly in water from deep aquifers. EZ water consists of an extra hydrogen and oxygen atom, making it H3O2 in actual fact. We recommend watching the link below about 'fourth phase water' by Dr. Gerald Pollack. Or you can read the peer review of his work published 2020 in the "National Library of Medicine".

Source water possesses all these features and additionally has a naturally high alkalinity.



Drinking Source may aid with weight loss due to its gentle laxative effect.

Additionally it may be helpful for some skin issues and aid against reflux. It is perfect for water fasting


  • Some acidic conditions
  • Skin issues, like acne, warts and psoriasis
  • Support healthy weight loss
  • Anti ageing benefits
  • Boosting energy
  • Support in suppressing reflux
  • Greater hydration
  • Hydration through chemotherapy. Treatment can be challenging, especially when experiencing a metallic taste in the mouth from chemo. Municipal water can be extremely unpalatable due to the metallic taste stemming from infrastructure pipes. Our customers often find that our water is one of the few they can more easily consume.

You can drink source at any time of day or night. However, in order to receive therapeutic benefits we recommend drinking source 30mins either side of meals, on an empty stomach.

Personally, we like to begin our day by drinking a few glasses of our water before consuming any food. This practice helps us kickstart the day on the right track.

We also make sure to fill our reusable water bottles, preventing any inconvenience throughout the day.


Source is drawn from an aquifer that contains the highest naturally-found alkaline water in the world.

There are commercial water brands that claim pH levels as high as 10, but these are not naturally generated and, as such, are not structured and stable.

We have gone to the lengths of storing our water for 7+ years, then had it tested by professional laboratories. The water test showed that the pH levels remained exactly the same due to its structured properties.

Our deep aquifer is located 147 meters deep, and a submersible bore was originally installed to support a kiwi-fruit orchard. In the late 1980s, the orchard was removed, and the bore was then solely used for domestic purposes within the homestead.
In 2014, the Grundy family acquired the property and sent the water for laboratory testing. To their astonishment, they discovered that the alkalinity was at pH 9.5. However, they wanted to understand why it was so high and whether it was stable.
The Grundys consulted with the local iwi (Māori indigenous to the area) and enlisted the professional services of Jacobs Engineering to conduct environmental tests, hydrologist research and testing.

The Jacobs report found key attributes worth sharing here:

The Source aquifer is not a 'well', which has a finite resource. It is instead a deep river of over 600 million litres which replenishes itself annually. Water not taken washes out to sea. Which makes our aquifer sustainable.

Totally annual availability of the aquifer is calculated at 676,000m2.

(Jacobs is consistently ranked no 1 in the Top Engineering Firms globally. And is listed as a Fortune 500 company)

Its high alkalinity is created by an ancient aquifer rock bed deep below the surface. Our water flows over sedimentary rock from the Miocene epoch, which dates back approximately 5 to 23 million years ago.

The specific Miocene-aged sedimentary rock found in our region is known for its diverse characteristics, including sandstone, siltstone, mudstone, conglomerate, limestone and volcanoclastic rock.

It is this unique rock bed that imparts Source with its high alkaline, therapeutic, and nourishing qualities.


We call it Source because it acts as 'seed water,' enabling other water to adopt its properties

Water Experts

We work closely with water researcher, author and crystallographer Veda Austin who has over a decade of experience studying and photographing the qualitative aspects of water. Veda is also mentored by Dr Gerald Pollack, the world's leading water scientist and author of "The fourth phase of water"

Veda says:

"I have personally been drinking this water for several years and it is my water of choice. Of all the waters in New Zealand I believe it is the best overall. I find it has great cleansing benefits, it has a lovely light viscosity about it. Clarity is excellent and the taste is slightly sweet."

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