Naturally Structured Water from New Zealand

(Est. Oct, 2023)

This sacred water is cleansing and detoxifying. It is structured and possesses a naturally negative charge, making it an antioxidant with a verified exclusion zone. This means it has molecular order and is nourishing for cells.

With a naturally negative charge (-175 ORP), compared to the neutral charge of most waters, drinking Source may help regulate cell function by recharging the EZ water contained within the mitochondria. This means that it may alleviate certain skin issues, deliver more energy, provide relief from reflux, and enhance organ functionality. It is also considered an ideal choice for water fasting by our community.

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Source is drawn from an ancient aquifer, estimated to be between 5 to 23 million years old. The unique composition of the rock bed in this aquifer results in the highest naturally occurring alkaline water in the world. Scientific studies have shown that water with a higher pH level is absorbed more efficiently, allowing it to move more easily through aquaporin channels and improve hydration.


We call it Source because it represents a divine origin, serving as 'seed water' that bestows its properties upon other water.

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Source is not just alkaline water. It is also structured. Why is structured water so important?